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Southern Gables Neighborhood Association
PO Box 36072
Denver, CO 80236

Southern Gables Neighborhood Association Officers

President: Doug Whitten

Vice-president: Bruce McDonald

Secretary: Susie Pannell

Treasurer: Bruce Loftis

Newsletter Editor:

City of Lakewood Info

Southern Gables is part of Lakewood Ward 5.
Our City Council Members:

Dana Gutwein

Karen Harrison

Neighborhood Association Area Representatives:

Area 1: between Estes Street, Garrison Street, Woodard Avenue and Jewell Avenue
Karen Purtell — 720-360-8895

Area 2: between the Ag Ditch, Jewell Avenue, Carr Street and Woodard Drive
Samantha Monell — 970-631-4236

Area 3: between Evans Place, Carr Street, Woodard Drive and Allison Street
Erwin Bunzli — 303-985-9083

Area 4: east of Allison Street, west of Wadsworth Blvd.
Deb Martin — 303-986-1761

Area 5: Valley View north of Morrison Road, east of Garrison Street, south of Iliff Lane
Lisa Huntington-Kinn — 303-808-8260

Area 6: east of Estes Street, south of Woodard Drive
Monica Norville — 303-984-9836

Area 7: Flower Way, Flower Court, Flower Street, Warren Drive west of Estes Street
Courtney App — 303-989-3169

Area 8: Field Street, Field Way, Everett Street, Estes Way, Estes Street, south side of Woodard Drive
Frank Bontrager — 303-987-3042

Ken Fisher — 303-472-9746