Supporting CASA

As you may recall from reading our March 2018 article on volunteering, Volunteer Opportunities, there’s a lot of good work that goes on every day here in the neighborhood. One of the organizations that provides an important service for society — you might say it performs necessary miracles — is CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocates. These earth angels watch out for, guide, mentor, and inspire children who are “in the system” of legally required non-parental care.

They train volunteers to do this vital and sensitive work — amazing, right? It takes good-hearted people, like you and people you know, to be involved. Volunteers! They don’t just turn people loose on the job though; it costs about $1200 to properly train a new volunteer.

One of the things the Southern Gables Neighborhoos Association does with your dues money, the money from our fundraising efforts, and money from our valued business supporters is to help those who help. With that in mind, we have supported CASA for several years now. One of our Board members, Lisa Huntington-Kinn, suggested that an appropriate amount would be that $1200 figure, and the Board agreed. We presented a check the other day, for just that.

L-R: Bruce Loftis, Kerrigan Stubbs, Leah Varnell, Doug Whitten, Bruce McDonald, Barbara Bourque.

CASA of Jefferson and Gilpin County supports volunteers who advocate for abused and neglected children. Volunteers, who are assigned a case by the court, are always needed. These cases require a lot of effort. But there are many other ways to support CASA. More information at:

Supporting Our Schools

You recall the chili cookoff at Carmody Middle School, don’t you? What, you missed it? It was on our Events page. We looked for you but it was a good-sized crowd. Look for it next October! Anyway, our Neighborhood Association supported it and we received this nice thank-you note the other day. I think it’s great that our kids are still being schooled in the niceties of expressing thanks for favors received. Good kids, good teachers. Just another nice thing about our neighborhood!

Carmody TY for donation